The company today


Key lines of the company’s business are:
- Hydrocarbon exploration and production
- Oil and gas processing and power generation
- Output and marketing of oil products, and gas products
- Petrochemical and gas products


Oil and gas producer Surgutneftegas is one of the largest companies in the Russian oil sector.

Over many years, the company has been leading the industry in terms of exploratory and development drilling, as well as the number of production wells brought on stream.

The company was the first in Russia to develop the complete cycle of gas production and processing, gas-based power generation, and petrochemical feedstock. Divisions of the company are involved in the whole range of prospecting and reservoir management operations, construction of facilities, environmental safety, and process automation. 


The company’s refinery Kirishinefteorgsintez, one of the largest in Russia.

The refinery produces petroleum products with high-quality performance and environmental characteristics, including motor fuels, aromatics, liquid paraffin, roofing and insulation materials, etc. Diesel fuel, jet fuel, roofing materials and bitumens produced by the refinery meet international quality standards. 

Kirishinefteorgsintez has received numerous awards from the Government of the Russian Federation and prestigious international prizes for its high quality products.


Major sale markets of the company are located in north-western regions of Russia. Today, Surgutneftegas retail chain includes 5 marketing companies: Kaliningradnefteprodukt, Kirishiavtoservis, Novgorodnefteprodukt, Pskovnefteprodukt, and Tvernefteprodukt.

Marketing subsidiaries owe much to their geographical position: they are located close to the company’s refinery and heavy traffic intercity and international highways going through the area of the company’s activity.


The Company assigns high priority to the development of corporate science, considering it as the basis for efficient production and a prerequisite for technological and competitive advantage.

OJSC «Surgutneftegas» involves the Company´s personnel in the process of industrial and technological problem-solving, fully encouraging and promoting their scientific, technical and innovative activities. Each year, the Company introduces innovation proposals having significant economic effect; the Company’s young specialists and scientists make an outstanding contribution to the improvement of production efficiency, developing original scientific, design, and technological solutions.

OJSC «Surgutneftegas» makes focused efforts to develop and improve solutions in the field of information technology, on the basis of which the Company carries out control of production management, ensures technological in-process control of production, transportation and oil and gas treatment, and solves problems of rational subsoil use.