Protection and rational use of land

Land reclamation and forest protection

An ecosystem approach allows the Company to consistently achieve high results during technical and biological reclamation of used lands. Technical stage of disturbed lands rehabilitation involves agrotechnical measures to create a layer of soil with properties favorable for biological reclamation i.e. a complex of revegetation measures to restore the fertility of disturbed lands.

In 2018, the Company returned 5,205 hectares of land to the State Forest Fund of the Russian Federation (in 2017 — 6,833 hectares). The decrease of reclaimed land is connected with measures on rational use and turnover of lands, given in short-term lease for prospecting and exploratory drilling and seismic surveys.

Period 2016 2017 2018
Return to the Forest Fund of the Russian Federation, ha 5,765 6,833 5,205

When choosing the reclamation technology, the specialists are primarily guided by specific natural conditions at the location of the disturbed site. On the territory of Khanty-Mansiysky Autonomous Okrug — Yugra represented by a flat terrain with a large number of rivers, lakes and marshes, technology and equipment for reclamation are unique and selected individually for each type of landscape. The Company utilizes equipment and materials that allow us to minimize the impact on lands and to mitigate soil damage by temporary driveways of vehicles during land reclamation.

The Company annually takes measures on forest protection and fire protection of its facilities. There are stationary and mobile stations with fire-fighting equipment at all «Surgutneftegas» PJSC production sites.

Pollution prevention and elimination

In compliance with the legislation of the Russian Federation in the sphere of environmental safety and prevention of emergency situations the Company developed, approved and implemented the Plan on prevention and elimination of oil and oil products spills at the facilities of «Surgutneftegas» PJSC at the federal level and corresponding local plans.

Surgutneftegas possesses necessary materials and equipment, special oil-gathering equipment, means of communication, motor vehicles and qualified personnel and is ready to immediately eliminate oil and oil products spills of any level (from the local to federal) under any circumstances in any type of area and to ensure a high-quality reclamation of contaminated land.

Oil spills are eliminated by out-of-staff accident rescue units (ARU (O), formed on the basis of oil and gas production divisions and lubricants and chemical additives facility of Vitim of the technical maintenance and equipment completing base in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

The number of personnel involved in the measures for localization and elimination of oil and oil spills is 441 people. The number of ARU (O) staff amounts to 115 people, including 105 rescuers (91%) certified by the industry certification commission of the energy sector of the Ministry of Energy of Russia.

Works on land reclamation are performed only at recently emerged areas due to the fact that in 2013 Surgutneftegas completed the reclamation of all oil contaminated lands of the so called legacy. In 2018, at the Company’s fields two accidents occurred, involving oil and produced water spills, which resulted in contaminated lands with the area of 1.21 hectares, which have been fully reclaimed in the reporting year. Moreover, previously reclaimed lands with the area of 1.26 hectares were excluded from the register of territories and water bodies of Khanty-Mansiysky Autonomous Okrug — Yugra contaminated with oil, oil products and produced water.