Measures for protection of water resources

Wastewater recycling allows the Company to maintain low specific water consumption — less than 2 cubic meters of water per tonne of oil produced.

«Surgutneftegas» PJSC evaluated fresh groundwater reserves at all water intake points with production rate over 100 cubic meters per day. There are sanitary protection zones developed for all drinking water intake points, their designs have received positive sanitary and epidemiological approval.

All treated wastewater from the Company field facilities serves as injectant for a reservoir pressure maintenance system to significantly decrease fresh water intake from the surface and underground water bodies. In 2018, about 429.8 million cubic meters of wastewater and produced water, including about 3.7 million cubic meters in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), was injected. Total volume of treated household water injected to maintain reservoir pressure in the reporting year was 4.4 million cubic meters, including 2.8 million cubic meters in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

Effluents from «Surgutneftegas» PJSC facilities located in the Yakut village of Vitim are discharged into biological treatment facilities, and further streamed to the Romanovsky Klyuch brook after being cleaned to the required standard.

Throughout its area of operations, the Company implements the program of the construction of initial water separation units based on three-phase separators, which are usually mounted on booster pump stations and are designed to separate the water-oil emulsion and bring the water to the requirements of the relevant standards. IWSU enables to efficiently separate produced formation water for its further use in maintaining reservoir pressure, thereby reducing the corrosion load on the pipeline and the volume of water abstraction from surface and groundwater bodies.

Much consideration is given to the construction of other water protection facilities. In 2018, drain tanks were installed at 18 well pads, ramps were reconstructed at 81 sites. In the reporting year, the capital investments in construction of water protecting facilities totaled RUB 269.28 million, more than RUB 813 million is planned for expenditures on this goal in 2019.